‘Suffer Fools Gladly’
Established MCM LXXX


TIM BAT, PRINCE of FOOLS, the Most Courtly Jester elegantly attired in Tudor Style performs a unique combination of Dexterity and Wit: Hilarious Histories of traditional Trickery, Juggling, of Puppetry, Prestidigitation and of Equilibrism. In manner Charismatic and Charming, indeed fit for your most Gracious Sovereigns, Knights of the Realm, Lords and Ladies, minions and serfs all together.


The Devil Sticks of the Orient; the Ancient History of the Yoyo; the Incredible Disappearing Apple; Rope Dancing; Juggling of five spheres and altogether the most incongruous of objects to wit bread, cooking vessel, egg of foul;
Top spinning and balancing; De Quincy the Ferret;
Sundry Jests and Audience Participation

Japery as to render Joyous
ye most miserable of wretches

Entertainment for Period Banquets and Events
Meeting and Greeting
mingling jester, close-up trickster
Entertaining interludes between courses
After-dinner cabaret
SOLO or in the Company of MINSTRELS

Epitomising the spirit of the period, with charismatic demeanour and majestic costume, Tim is indeed worthy of the title ‘Prince of Fools’.

“The success of the Britannia Ball certainly owes a large portion to your wonderful ‘Prince of Fools’ performance, about which people are still talking.”
Cindy Tang, Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan


Venues: Hampton Court Palace, Queens House Greenwich, Leeds Castle Kent, City of London Guildhall, Hever Castle, Dorney Court, Castle Ashby, Hagley Hall, Great Fosters, The Banqueting House Whitehall, Lincolns Inn, innumerable hotels of distinction and period locations.


On stage at Lincolns Inn Great Hall (Photo courtesy Prelude)


Clients: Banque International a Luxembourg, Barclays Capital, British Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, English Tourist Board, British Tourist Authority, BP Marine, Chrysler, Logica, Motorola, National Trust, Remy Champagne, Royal Horticultural Society and many more…



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