Tim Bat is an exciting showman who pulls the crowds, makes them laugh, and leaves them gasping at the quirky skills and original juggling routines that he performs with spontaneous humour and inordinate professionalism.

With an endlessly adaptable repertoire and many years of experience, Tim is well prepared for the unpredictability of the street environment – expecting the unexpected and incorporating it into the performance. In this way each show is unique; created on the spot to suit circumstances and location.


The Thames River Dance (hat & brolly juggling), Yoyo Taming,
The Five Ball Challenge, top spinning, food juggling, puppetry, magic, equilibrism, fancy roping, eccentricity, bizarre behaviour


Audience participation inevitable

Five to forty five minutes of fast paced, top quality family entertainment



“Mit schirm, charme und melone”

Kieler Nachnichlen

“Este juglar de los tiempos modernos da Corazon y pulso a cualquier cosa que encuentre..[con la] elegencia y discrecion que siempre han acomanado a los <<caballeros>> ingleses.”
Madrid Listings magazine




Tim is an eccentric City Gentleman who subtly captivates and affably inter-acts with passers-by, performing eye-catching effects on the move and stopping here and there to entertain as crowds gather.

“All that Tim Bat needed to mesmerise booklovers at the [Calcutta Book] fair were his hat, umbrella and a yoyo. So taken up was the crowd that it followed him as he finished a ‘show’ and moved to another corner. For some time, Tim had indeed bowled over Calcutta.”
Calcutta Statesman


In addition to the major street festivals, and everything from city events to village fetes in the United Kingdom, Tim’s worldwide ‘Street’ bookings include:
Japan: Nagoya, Takayama, Shizuoka.
Germany: All over the country, including six annual bookings at Kiel Week, Freiberg & Moers festivals, ‘European Markets’ in Hamburg & Hanover.
Elsewhere: Netherlands, Copenhagen, Jerusalem, Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, Zurich, Rennes.

In the Corporate sector, Tim represents Britain for travel organisations and multi-nationals. He has worked for the DTI in Iceland, the British Tourist Authority around Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the British Council in India and Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan.




Fine Arts graduate with a fascination for trickery, Tim Bat first performed on the streets of Barcelona in 1978.
With Incubus Theatre Company and at Covent Garden he developed his unique style and established himself as a dedicated and popular street entertainer, working continuously ever since.
As a stage and
cabaret artiste he has found success in both traditional and ‘new’ variety, including TV appearances, corporate functions, and a Perrier Award winning show at Edinburgh Festival.
Despite such diversification, and undimmed by so many years in the business, Tim retains his enthusiasm and energy for the street – still at the fore-front of the new era of street entertainment.



“As well as being a consistently entertaining juggler for over two decades now, Tim Bat is also one of the ‘Statesmen’ of the contemporary European juggling scene. Tim hosted London’s first juggling workshops at Pineapple Dance Centre and organised two of the earliest European Juggling Conventions in 1980 and ’81. He was the first professional juggling act in Covent Garden as it became the new home of street entertainment in London. Tim has performed at The Circus Space on several occasions, presenting his acts and also compering shows, and has always been very well received. Recently Tim has been a Visiting Lecturer on our BA Circus Degree course.”
Charlie Holland, Programme Director, The Circus Space, London

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